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Traverso Archives

Traverso Archives
Page 1 Rainbow Stores Develop Newest Operating Plan
Includes photo with P. G. Molinari showing the Rainbow Stores decal in his grocery's window
Page 2 3 Articles including 1st Anniversary
Page 3 Rainbow Stores Excursion to C & H Sugar Refinery
Page 4 Grocers Advocate article about excursion
Page 5 L'Italia San Francisco News Clipping
Page 6 Letter to members
Page 7 Bulletin #17 to members
Page 8 Telegram | 2nd Annual Banquet Card
Page 9 Telegram
Page 10 Rainbow Stores Annual Picnic | L'Italia Press
Page 11 Block Print of 170 Pacific Avenue
Rainbow Sales Volume Gains
Page 12 Prosperity Sale
Page 13 California Retail Grocers Advocate
New Headquarters at 170 Pacific Avenue
Page 14 Rainbow Grocers Move to Swell New Location
Page 15 Pacific Coast Review | San Francisco Call-Bulletin
Page 16 Burglary at Warehouse | Cup of Cheer Booklet Article
Page 17 Confidential Bulletin to Members
Page 18 P-B Grocery Grand Opening Sale
Page 19 Various Articles about Picnic and Italian Kitchen Visit
Page 20 Rainbow Stores 4th Annual Banquet
Page 21 Various Articles

7 August 1932 | San Francisco Examiner
Rainbow Stores Special Savings

10 December 1932 | The Wholesale Grocer News
Display ad for V. Traverso Co. | Rainbow Stores Savings Specials
Notice the pin used in corner to keep pages together

2-7 December 1936 | Unknown Newspaper
Lucky Lager Week | Listing of Member Stores

28 October 1938 | California Grocers Advocate
Something about V. Traverso Co.

27 October 1939 | California Grocers Advocate Convention Edition
3 Caricatures of brothers Vic, Bill and Jack

24 October 1941 | California Grocers Advocate
Congratulations to California Retail Grocers Association

circa 1944 | Advertisement from unknown source

May 1953 | Pacific Coast Review
Since 1917


20 June 1941| California Grocers Advocate
Rainbow Stores Cooperate in Raising Standards

24 October 1941 | California Grocers Advocate
1941 California Retail Grocers Convention Report of Equalization Committee by Jack Traverso

1953 | Psychological Pricing Guide provided by Butter Kernel Products

Nu-Deal Flat Top Beer Can
Grace Bros. Brewing Co., Santa Rosa, California
Gr 1. Lilek 582. USBC 103-39. From the David and Jane Stark collection. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge

Two-Bridges Beer Bottle
Grace Bros. Brewing Co., Santa Rosa, California
Two Bridges Beer Bottle

Read article about the Grace Brothers Brewery whistle.